Thank you!
The process after you contact me:
1. I receive your email and will reply with a price and a list of everything you want including initial ideas.
2. When you reply confirming you accept the price and all other elements, I will invoice you via PayPal for the agreed amount and ask you to provide me with all Assets for the project, photos, logos, other visual assets, fonts and a brand guideline (if you have one)
3. I will return to you with initial ideas for designs before I create finalised ones so you can get a visual representation of the direction for the project, and can make any initial tweaks.
4. I will continue to design your project based on any comments you make until I get to a finalised version of everything! I Will then show you all of these and you can make final revisions so that you are completely satisfied with your design. 
6. Following your acceptance of the final designs I will provide you with finished and rendered versions of the images in a google drive link, so that you can come back and download them at any time, however, I suggest you also make your own google drive folder in case I ever delete yours for storage purposes.
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