Who is Attach?
Dillon Price, better known by his gamertag Attach, is a professional Call of Duty player who currently plays for the Minnesota RØKKR. His most notable roles before being on FaZe include playing for Rise Nation and Denial eSports. He won the Call of Duty Championship 2015 with Denial.

Why this project?
This project was created to allow me to test my creativity and create a stream package for someone, using no mood board or prior resources (except logos). Additionally, I wanted to take Attach's stream design in a different direction to the one that had previously been seen on his stream

Before / After of webcam border styles
Why did I pick Attach?
Attach has been an inspiration to me for a number of years. When I entered the Call of Duty Competitive scene, I immediately gravitated towards him. Despite me being less involved in the COD Scene, I continue to watch and support Attach, so when I was looking for a Content Creator within Call Of Duty to create a stream package for, Attach was the obvious choice for me.
Project Overview:
About the project.
For this project I wanted to create some re-occurring themes  that a viewer would see. This is why I chose to use the swirl effect, as I felt it had potential to look good either on a static view (Like the offline screen), or with as the main animation in certain pieces. It also helped to add a level of depth to the otherwise 2d design, due to the way I layered each effect and blurred certain bits.

I also used the same General layout to try and keep a level of consistency within the graphics, using the same positioning of Attach, the main text and the social media text as well. This helped to tie all the graphics in the project together, but by changing the layouts ever so slightly (Through the side of the picture, or other minor text) it doesn't get boring to look at.
Thanks for viewing!
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